Next Door Zombies - Page 35


Thu, Jul 5:


Martin, the owner of the shop across the street from me, apologised. He said that some of the guys who peed on our porch were friends of his, and he told them not to, but they were drunk.

He also asked me if I was aware there was a dead animal under my porch. I nodded.


Off-topic: I can only buy things which are in cans, or are completely sealed in some other way. Everything I buy has to go through the sterilization process. I bought a loaf of bread once, and there was a tiny hole in the bag. It was just enough for some of the sterilization chemicals to get through. Only a few slices were ruined, but Eliza said I should throw it out anyway, as the rip might have allowed the bread to get infected before I bought it.

Posted/Updated on March 2nd, 2019
Originally published on July 5th, 2018