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Tue, Jun 5:


It's funny I mentioned Arizona in last week's entry, because it's in the news today.

Ever since the outbreak, Arizona has been officially a Zombie-free zone. They've absolutely closed their borders to all Zombies, as well as anyone who might be a Zombie, or a carrier.

But now a group of Zombies is suing the state, trying to force them to open their borders and allow Zombies in.

Stupid Zombies. They can't survive in Arizona. It's too dry for them. That's why it because a Human refuge in the first place.

Some people have joked that Arizona should open their borders and let the Zombies come in. Then they’ll dry up and die and the problem will take care of itself. I know they’re just joking, but the reality is that Arizona has become a refuge for people who are sensitive to the Zombie virus, or who were never immune in the first place. If they let Zombies in, even for a few days, it could result in thousands of people getting infected. Most of them will simply die, and a handful will come back to “life” as Zombies.

That's actually an interesting question. The air in Arizona is too dry for Zombies to live. Does that mean that it's also too dry for a corpse to turn into a Zombie?

I don't think anyone wants to actually test that theory.

Posted/Updated on March 2nd, 2019
Originally published on June 5th, 2018