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Tue, May 15:


As usual, my wife, the smart member of the family, has discovered the solution.

She's going to order a portable hazmat tent and two hazmat suits from Amazon and have them all delivered to Janine's house. Then, Friday after work, she's going to pick up the package and drive down to where we are. It's a three-hour drive, so she'll get here around 10 PM.

She'll set-up the hazmat tent around the front door of the house—they're designed for that to be one of their set-up options. Then she'll sterilize everything inside the tent and come in wearing one hazmat suit and carrying the other.

She'll need to wear one of the suits to go home in, but she'll leave the other behind.

This shit's expensive. It's a good thing this is one of those months where she gets an extra paycheck.

Posted/Updated on March 2nd, 2019
Originally published on May 15th, 2018