Next Door Zombies - Page 17


Sat, May 12:


The river flooded today. Half the town was submerged. Fortunately, we live on high enough ground that our house was never in any danger.

As bad as this was, it did bring some good fortune: The high floodwaters should wash away many of the diseased, rotting corpses littering the town.

OK, I just proofread the previous sentence and it makes me sound kind of racist, so let me clarify: I don't mean Zombies. I mean actual corpses. The kind that are truly dead, and don't move any more. Those corpses.

If any Zombies get washed away, that would be tragic, of course. But I'm hoping the high waters clear out some of those corpses no-one's ever bothered to clean up.

Posted/Updated on March 2nd, 2019
Originally published on May 12th, 2018