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Fri, Apr 27:


I've been wanting to buy a barbecue grill. We can't afford it, though.

The thing is, we had to leave the old one behind. Even if we'd had room for it, there's no way we could have taken it. It was old and rusted and falling apart.

Today I saw a little tiny charcoal grill at the dollar store. Twenty bucks. I figured we could afford that. I grabbed it and a bag of charcoal and put them in my cart.

But then I thought about it. I didn't think I'd seen any hamburgers or brats on sale anywhere.

It's a good thing I decided against buying it. After I got home I discovered that due to the cow and pig shortage, anything I would have wanted to cook on the grill isn't available any more.


On an ironic note, I disovered a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid under the front seat of the van. I had bought it to use with our old grill back up north, but never had a chance to use it because we moved before the previous bottle ran out.

Posted/Updated on March 2nd, 2019
Originally published on April 27th, 2018