Easter Eggs

Lost in Space
She knew he knew she knew.
Was it a dream, or a dream?

Mister Ree
Minerva would write poetry for him.

IN Freud's Jalopy
She stalled when the meaning became clear.

The bones told her nothing.

He was voted out of the vault.
They wondered who would score first.

Project Rubber Bands and Paper Clips.


Posted/Updated on April 21st, 2019

Comments: I took down my chapbooks a while ago, as I felt I needed to temporarily downsize things. At one time, I used to juggle more than a dozen active sites -- how it came that I can barely manage one, I'll never know. Anyhow, I learned just days later that my best friend and confidante had passed away. While her death is being classified as an accident, I have suspicions it was more complex. One of the reasons we were kindred spirits was that we both struggled with deep depression... and suicidal tendencies.

As is often the case, life keeps throwing curve balls at me. Work, home, and death have been a constant roller-coaster ride, strangling my creativity and sucking my soul dry. I do get the occasional spark, which I have to jump on like a wild animal lest it slip away. So, this chapter is the product of that. A series of random #WS, which aren't so random at all.

And while I feel the title of the chapter was appropriate, I was so so tempted to name it “End Game,” which would be equally appropriate.

P.S. I don't plan to close the site down again anytime soon. But since I can be unpredictable, even to myself, enjoy it while you can.