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Concrete Harbors Fey And Mythical Beast.
Sherwood Forest

Robins cover the ground. Lionheart roars.


Sand under feet, she watches. Waiting.



Azure skies cradle billows of white.

She pulls the thread taut. Out.


Salt water drenches. Eternity calls. Eternity.



Momentarily wishing her fingers were another's.


Posted/Updated on July 12th, 2018

Though officially published first today, the creation date on these pieces are July 1st and 2nd of 2017. One year ago. And it is eerie to read the words and see how in some ways they were almost prophetic. So much emotion went into them, and now to feel a deep emptiness when I read them. A year of loss, for sure.

More than a bit of a nod to the “Odyssey” here, a story I feel is so metaphorical to me in so many ways. Again, another theme that seems to haunt me ... mythology. What is fairytale or reality is so very hard to tell.

As for King Kong, an odd bit of trivia -- one of my scariest and re-occurring nightmares is being chased by King Kong (and other various colossal creatures). Guess in my case, beauty does not tame the beast. At least not in my dreams.