Sir Real

They only found a bowler and apple core.

All she saw was blue sky.
The big sleep called Venus's name.

Glass eyes see nothing -- see everything.

Liquid Time
It was too late to forget.
Office Space
No one could hear the scream.

Stairway to heaven, or to hell.
Black ink bled onto white porceline.

Naturally Curly Hair
Then they laughed and called her spineless.


Posted/Updated on February 23rd, 2019

This theme might be a bit more... cryptic. I have always loved surrealism; there is something about the abstract images that speaks to me. So many of the masters struggled with their own inner demons, which often came out in their works. I feel this chapbook, in some ways, is an exercise in surrealism.

Each one of these pieces was inspired by a famous painting. Also each story contains a bit of me, which I think is a given. It's never easy struggling with demons -- in whatever way, shape, or form they may take. I think this chapter reflects that.