She coveted him. He coveted another.

Their relationship was but a fabrication.

Love Letter
No attempt was made to deliver.

Her legacy was betraying her friends.

They were clueless. She was helpless.

Her earrings sparkled on another's ears.

Their hearts ached for each other.

And then there was one.


Posted/Updated on February 19th, 2019

I have been thinking of a role-play from many years ago. In short, the story was about a man who wanted to get his lost love back, but was scared she would spurn him. So, he turned to her "good friend" to give her a letter professing his love, except she wasn't really the woman's friend, and she lied to him, never giving the letter to the woman because the friend wanted the man for herself. In the end, the two did reunite and the "friend" was exposed, but not until after a ton of confusion, mis-talk, and heartache. Anyhow, I was thinking how I could summarize the story into 6WS, -- another challenge -- and this is the result.