Bilaterals and polygons turned her on.
Stand Back

Eduardo would always cross the line.


She played Cheshire Katt and Die Fledermaus.

Edge of 17

Metallica saved his life, every night.

Hart lived another life after dark.


She was surrounded by tramps and thieves.


They went broke at Walmart and Saks.

Her boat was so very small.

Don't Stop

All of her tomorrows were yesterday.
Little Lies

"I only let one scorpion out."
Posted/Updated on January 20th, 2019

Notes: Stevie, as in Stevie Nicks. I adore her voice, and when she came up on my playlist, I decided to challenge myself with stories based on the titles of her (and Fleetwood Mac's) songs.

Some of the stories give a nod to the actual lyrics, while others evoke similar lyrics in other songs. And some are just stories that play on the title. This set, I feel, has some pretty interesting ideas. Like what would make someone only shop at Walmart and Saks?

Oddly enough, it's just now that I realize I haven't really used proper names in most my stories. While it wasn't deliberate, I suppose my intent subconsciously was. By keeping it open, it allows the reader to fill in the blanks—insert the person or themselves into the story. Now that I realize that I'm doing it, I may shift gears to mix it up, or not. Though the Hart reference was deliberate, and more of a wink-wink.

On a side note, I really love the play of phrasing on "Sara." But, I seriously debated another 6-word story. So, as not to waste it: "She drowned over and over again."