Shark Week


12-to-3. Better start triple overtime.


"Relax. She's not legally blonde, she's..."
Dirty Pool

They filled it with salt water.

Identity Crisis on Infinite Earth

He was she, and together they.

Team Work

All shared one goal.
"You're fired!"

The $10million question:
"Who's your daddy?"

Great White Preservation Committee

They wouldn't let him save her.
Powerpuff Gals

Sugar and Spice laced with larceny.


"Just try it," Caterpillar tempted Alice.

The Meg

She couldn't say she's in love.
Trophy Wife

Green always was her favorite color.


Posted/Updated on November 25th, 2018

I once had a conversation with someone who had studied sharks. He absolutely loved them, and listening to him talk about them almost made me love them, too (Jaws scarred me for life). He told me that one day he would teach me to swim with them and be totally safe. Sadly, I have since lost contact with him, so chances of that happening are slim. And while I would love to think such things possible, for now I think it best to keep a healthy fear of sharks -- particularly since the waters I wade in are filled with so many.