Confined to the shadows and soundproof halls,
Forcefed deception and fantasies.
Endless rain, the mud knee-deep
I could only see
What was shown...

A world familiar and foreign,
Torments anew disguised as the old.
Sipping from poison-laced glasses,
Listening to haunted bedtime tales.
Where are the monsters?
Where are the clowns?

A circus mirror, distorting reality;
Faceless whispers commanding the show.
Cracks in the facade,
my fingernail chips at the alabaster covering,
until it shatters and releases the moths.

Posted/Updated on March 3rd, 2019
Originally published on August 31st, 2016

Original Notes: Yes, I'm in a dark mood. But actually one of the best moods in many weeks. Relieved. Cathartic. Redemptive. Leaping into a chasm, for sure. But sometimes you fall when you take a leap of faith. Prepared for whatever may come. Anyhow, hope you like it.

Current Notes: Not more to say, as the original still applies.