My fingers press against
the window pane.
Icy coldness in
the burning sun.

I am blind,
but I can see.

Distant castles
lie in ruin.
Mighty ships crashed
upon the shore.

Dreams evaporate
by dawn’s new light.
The torch passed
to slender hands.

I close my eyes,
but I can see.

Words float like ravens
upon the gentle wind.
Torn apart by wolves
and stark reality.

“Fairy tales don’t exist...”

My crown crumbles,
set upon another’s head.
“Come with me.”
I take her hand.

That fine mistress, 
Whispers sweet nothings
as the ramparts fall.

“I love you. I hate you.”

... I love you.

Poison sweet upon the lips
Quenching the thirst
as it destroys


The book closes,
the inkwell dry.
Gone forever.

...but I can see.

The pages burnt,
the chapter devoured,
the squall extinguishes...


Darkness ensues,
but I can see.

" Airial Diana Mark

Posted on September 16th, 2018
Originally published on July 27th, 2017

By far, my favorite poem. I have many heroines in my writings, but both of Beths -- Lyzbeth and Bethany -- are closest to my heart. They are the closest to me.