I go forward,
Always alone.
My eyes search...
for something,
for anything.

For you. 

A phantom
I cannot find. 
In the clouds,
In the sea.


I blink.

My feet blister.
My lips chap.
My heart cries.

I go forward,

Posted on September 16th, 2018

So many of my pieces talk of being alone. *sigh* My first week at home after a 7-month stretch of commuting. Struggling to acclimate with so many "new normals" to find. Anxiety leads to much of my poetry. As for this one:

When you feel there is a soul out there that you need to connect with. A friend, or perhaps an enemy, to be... but you can't find them. Or even know if they exist. Strange feeling. Wondering if I will ever meet him or her, or it. Surreal.