Words spoken,

in purples, reds, and blues.

Tales told,

and untold, and will never be told...




Open wounds,

invisible, deep in the soul.

Distant eyes,

revealing nothing, something, everything,




Trembling fingers,

threaded together, clasped in prayer.


separated, eviscerated,




Hollow chambers,

echoing silent screams,

Fire and ice,

hurting, burning, curing,






The world fades

in purples, reds, and blues.

Posted on September 30th, 2018

I kinda feel this needs a comment, but not really sure what is appropriate. Probably reads darker than I feel right now, but I guess that is the point. When you struggle with depression, it hangs like a shadow over you. The bruises, the scars, are always there, under the surface. Anyhow, I may come back to this later and comment more.