I am the storm you cannot navigate.

I am the rain that drenches your hair.

I am the wind that howls through your heart.

I am the lightning that illuminates your soul.

I am hot fury and cold ice.

I rage endlessly, even when I am calm.

I am nothing and I am everything.

I am with you, even though I am alone.

Posted/Updated on January 20th, 2019
Originally published on December 20th, 2017

Original notes: Christmas gift for a friend ... from a friend? Not sure anymore. Had to break my silence to post this. Merry Christmas.

Current Notes: Recently I saw a painting of a demon and an angel embracing. While I’m not sure that could happen, and not sure it truly articulates what this poem is about, the imagery evoked the feelings I get when I read this. So, for what it’s worth... One of my all-time favorites pieces.

On a bit of a silly note, kinda reminds me of Natasha and Bruce, eh?