Caught in the tempest,
of false gods and men.
Thrust together,
mere pawns in their game.

Of Eternity.
Of Infinity.

Your time,
but one cycle.
Or so the story goes.
Yet you remained
... here, there ...


Your eyes holding me,
in a way like no other.
Showing me
... beauty ...
... song ...
... dance ...

His plan.
His perversion.

Your heart I shattered,
splintered to glass,
pouring out words,
only the blind could see.

I can see.
I cannot speak.

But, I knew...
you would know,
you would discover,

My secret.
My destiny.

See me tomorrow,
through yesterday's eyes.
And know love was not lost,
even though I am.

Posted/Updated on October 18th, 2018

I'm sure this one rates as my worst poem. But it's more of a message in a bottle, to an old friend. And "if I ever live to tell the tale..." perhaps you'll understand and forgive me.