Posted/Updated on January 30th, 2019
Originally published on January 4th, 2015

Another for a contest on (my former artistic home). I didn't win with this one, though I'm super-proud of how it turned out.

Original Notes and Credit:

This is my entry to the “Hat Trick Detective” contest, hosted by InkyRose. The theme was to place one of her OCs in a romantic/kiss situation with one of your OCs.

When thinking of a pairing, I went with one that might seems a bit unconventional, but I I honestly believe it would work well. I chose master detective, Hetta Hartchase with original Black Torrent, Ulysses David. Hetta is a sassy, smart, and shrewd woman. Yule is a powerful, nononsense businessman (who also happens to be pretty good looking and ripped for his age). I think they would work very well together. (Rose, I know you probably think that is an odd pairing, but you haven't read far into the series. I think once you get to see Yule, you'd realize it's pretty perfect.)

That said, I deliberately chose this pose. I think Hetta wouldn't be so quick to fall for Yule's charms. She might just play hard-to-get for a a little while. Even though Yule tends to be more gruff, I could see him being a bit smitten for the detective, and after a few glasses of scotch, would make his move. Of course, finding the right stock was a bit tricky. thankfully, there was a great photoset from the era which gave me a bit to work with. I did think of having a pose where Hetta was a bit more willing in the kiss. But this one was just so perfect. Plus, the model and pose is so beautiful, I felt it would do Hetta justice. Technically, this piece was a nightmare. Even moreso that I had a major computer crash in the middle—one that was so bad that I feared I would have to get a new computer (and this one is only a year old, so I was really upset). Thankfully, we managed to get it going. The biggest find with this piece were several hair brush sets which will help me a ton in the future. Despite the problems, I learned a lot with this piece. I'm pretty happy with how this came out, particularly since I did everything with just a mouse I haven't set up my new tablet yet. Added a frame since this felt less like a scene, but more like a candid snapshot taken by someone who happened in.

Stock credit: Man: here (purchased elsewhere) - Glasses: no longer online - Woman: here - Hand/arm: here - Mistletoe: here - Background: here - Feathers: here - Hair brushes: here - Frame: here