Posted/Updated on January 27th, 2019

Originally created in 2015-16 (have to find actual date). I thought I had posted this one on Deviantart, but can't find it in my files. This is from my Chaser Universe novel, Solstice. Zahne, the single father struggling to raise his twins. He is so devoted to his kids -- he risks so much to protect and provide for them. When his daughter is taken, he has to overcome huge obstacles to find her, but nothing will stop him until he gets her home.

While this is not the best or most elaborate photomanip (though I had to paint his hair), it’s special to me. I love the subtle nature of the picture. Zahne is so close to my heart. He’s so alone and he will do anything for his kids. Just looking out into the sky, wondering where his “little girl” is. *sniff, sniff*

Sky/Background: here - Body: here - Head this (purchased elswhere)