Posted/Updated on January 30th, 2019
Originally published on August 17th, 2014

Done for a contest on My original notes are extensive, so I'll just fall back on those.

Original notes and credit:

My final entry for the NovelExpression book cover contest. The challenge is to use one (or more) of their model stocks and incorporate it into a book cover. Since I am trying my hand at photomanipulations,I thought this would be a fun way to push myself to do something “out of the box.” You can make 3 entries for the contest. My personal goal was to make 3 different covers in 3 different genres, and I did: Romance, Horror, Mystery/Thriller.

I have to admit, the inspiration for this one came from the background. When I saw the London street, I totally flashed to the stock model and felt it would work well with this. Finding the “JacktheRipper” stock was a bit tricky. This is actually a Victorian vampire, which works just as well. I did a few things I hadn’t before, like adding subtle lighting to the man’s jacket. I tried to stay away from excessive “glow” around the characters on my covers, as I really wanted them to blend in more naturally. However, the backlight from the street lamp really called for it on this one. I decided to coif the model’s hair as I wanted her to look more like a refined woman who has the misfortune of being out at the wrong time of night.

Font placement was much easier on this one. Also, the coloring on the picture allowed for a dark dropshadow which made the letters popÍž I felt that was important for this piece. The lettering on all of the covers was done deliberately, be it with enhancement or not, to fit the mood and work with the imagery.

A bit of an inside joke, the author is my character, Ravenswood Cadavre. In canon, he muses someday that he might like to become a writer. Not sure if he will, but if he wrote a book, a tense period serial-killer story would be right up his alley (no pun intended).

Stock Credit:

Models by NovelExpression: here - Background: here - Ripper: here - Fonts: Zombified and Kenyan Coffee