Posted/Updated on January 30th, 2019
Originally published on October 17th, 2014

What I find funny is that I am not really a car aficionado. However, I love using them in photo-manips. I think it's because it's more about shape and look, and less about horsepower and chassis. Nevertheless, I really like this one because it allows me to show-off a bit of Carousel, one of the locations in Relativity.

Original Notes and Credits:

I have started a project where I plan to do photomanipulations of the Team Torrent vehicles. This is another in that series. Did this a week or two ago. Just getting around to uploading it. This is the car of Resin a/k/a Tony Toronto. It's a Lotus Elise. I love the design of this car, but it also has a bit of a history, having been around quite a while. I think Tony would have fallen in love with this car as a kid and totally wanted to get one for his crimefighting. The background is the lighthouse near his home in Carousel. Tony never really liked the beach much as a kid, but when he got older, he found himself going there a lot. His home is near the beach, and his vacation home in California is right off the ocean.

For this manip, I had to do a bit of adjusting to hue to make everything meld. I wanted to keep the cool blue of the background and incorporate it into the whole picture. Not a whole lot of work, but not simply a “sticking two pictures together.”

Stock credit: Lighthouse/background: here - Car and asphalt no longer online