Posted/Updated on January 30th, 2019
Originally published on August 17th, 2014

A simple manipulation, but one of my favorites because the end product is so utterly close to my mental image of the device, it's almost spooky. The Rau Reactor. Funny, that I learned that a year or so after I created this piece, someone named Rau actually did created a reactor -- but the name is slightly different. Still... Hopefully it's not a doomsday device like this one. :D

Original Notes and Credit:

A device that will come into play in the next Relativity episode. Honestly, I have to admit, I'm excited with my budding photomanip skills. I have felt such a burnout with all digital art, and even though I've forced myself to pixel, there hasn't been the joy I normally get. Doing the manips is drawing me out of it, since it's still familiar as I used the same program, and many of the same techniques as my emotes, etc., but it's different and not teeny-tiny detail oriented.

Spent a couple hours on this over the past week, here and there. The longest and hardest part was editing the oil tank graphic to make it smooth. The rest was much easier, and much faster.

Stock Credit:
Background: here - Tank: here - Coal texture: here - Smoke texture: here