Posted/Updated on January 27th, 2019
Originally published on August 14th, 2014

A gift made for my dear friend in Australia. This is Alicia's character, Luciana -- a tiny princess who's destiny is to save her world. I wanted to create a piece which showcased Luciana's magic and innocence. The dragon is her familiar, Taelos. If you're interested, we collaborated on a cross-over story with her Lorethian Chronicles and my Relativity, and you can read it here.

One of my brighter manips, and one I'm most proud of.

Original Notes and Credits:

This is my gift to Endorell-Taelos. This is her precious OC, Luciana, marvelling at a bit of magic, with her faithful dragon companion, Taelos, looking on. By far the most ambitious photomanip I've done. Literally, I've been working on this on?and?off for over a month. The major element being the hair. OMG. I had to paint hair. I had quite an adventure. I started off trying to use SAI, got frustrated, then figured out how to do it in my old clunky program. It's not perfect, by far. But for a first attempt, I think it's pretty good. I'm very happy how Taelos turned out. I also decided I should probably start adding a watermark to my pieces.

Background & Girl: here - Castle: here - Dragon: here - Clouds: here