Posted/Updated on January 30th, 2019
Originally published on December 23rd, 2016

Though published late 2016, this was a manip I started a year earlier.

Beth. While so many people feel Sara Wolff (from Relativity) best fits who I am in real life, I would have to say Lyzbeth Aaraden does. My sci-fi herorine, she was first created for a Star Wars fan-fic, then evolved into an independent character in the Chasers Universe. In the Star Wars fan-fic, she was human and had red hair. In Chasers, I changed her to an alien race and gave her purple hair—which I honestly feel fits her better. Not an overly-complicated piece, but one I'm glad I did. The note below gives more detail.

Stock credit:
Girl: here - Girl Back: here (purchased elsewhere) - Porthole: here - Wall: here -Nebula: here - Hair PS Brush: here

And just because I love her so much, if you’re interested to learn a bit more about her, here are links to 2 pieces which were created by artist friends. The strong, but guarded portrait done by my dear friend Gnewi. And a commissioned piece created by my Russian friends, Jen and Kris. The latter showcases a ritual Beth undertakes in memory of a man she fell in love with but couldn’t be with. He had a hobby of making birdhouses, so she makes a birdhouse and leaves one on every planet she visits.