The silent ticking of the clock,
the booming beating of my heart.
So many years have gone
I still remain at her side.

Frail hand resting
in that of a child.
Her last breath was

I had none.
He made his,
not realizing
what I had

An animal trapped within
the cage of memories.
The child now a man.

Nothing's changed.

He has her,
she had me,
I have both,
yet neither.
In the end
it will all fall apart,
sanity gone.

I want

Posted/Updated on March 3rd, 2019
Originally published on May 26th, 1993

Comments: I found this piece recently when looking over my old work. It was written as a follow up to a play I wrote years ago (yes, I was a playwright in another life). It is written from the main protagonist's point-of-view. Though, when you delve deep into his psyche, you realize he is but a victim too. Dark, complex characters. My fiction is full of them. Real life, too. A fitting beginning to this new chapbook.

Should note, while this says “originally published on..” this piece was never published. It was written after the play was produced originally, but never made it into the playbill (as I intended) when it was re-done years later.

*** Written under the moniker of Michelle Mark. When I had realized I was no longer a mermaid, but didn't want to go back to being who I was. Not sure who, er, where I'm headed now. ***